Handprints Everywhere! A Mother’s Day Craft Guide

Oh, Mother's Day—a time to shower mom with love, giggles, and maybe a little bit of paint! Yes, you heard right! It's time to roll up those sleeves, dip those tiny hands in colorful non-toxic paint, and make some adorable handprint crafts that mom or grandma will treasure forever. Let's jump into the squishy, squashy world of handprint art where every smudge tells a story and every palm print becomes a petal. Here’s your playful guide to creating the cutest handprint gifts for Mother’s Day with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of love!

Celebrate with Splashes of Color and Creativity.



Mother's day handprint arts from infant

1. Cuddly Creations: Mother’s Day Handprint Art Set of 4 - for Infants

This set is perfect for the littlest artists in your life—infants. You can press those tiny toes and palms onto beautiful paper and create art that touches the heart. Frame it up and voila, you've got a masterpiece that’s going to have mom tearing up with joy!


Mother's Day Handprint Poem - 'Love You Mom'

2. Poetry in Motion: Mother’s Day Handprint Poem - 'Love You Mom.'


Let those little hands do the talking and add a sweet poem to the mix! The 'Love You Mom' poem template turns a simple handprint into a heartfelt memento. Just imagine—the center of the paper adorned with a vivid handprint, surrounded by words that could melt glaciers: 'Love You Mom'.


Mother's Day Handprint Poem 'I'm growing like like a flower'

3. Blossoming Beauties: Mother’s Day Handprint Poem - I'm Growing Like a Flower

This one’s for the kids that sprout up faster than a weed in spring! Use this template to combine handprints with the charming 'I'm growing like a flower' poem. Each finger becomes a petal stretching out, and what you get is a bouquet that’s as bright and cheery as mom’s smile. Perfect for moms who like to keep things light and flowery!


If Moms Were Flowers I'd Pick You' Handprint template for two or tree hands.

4. Pick the Best: If Moms Were Flowers We'd Pick You

Turn those handprints into a garden! This creative template lets kids make a handprint garden where each print turns into a dazzling flower. Add the playful line, 'If moms were flowers, we'd pick you,' and you’ve got yourself a floral festival on paper. It’s fun, it’s fresh, and it screams spring!


Mother's day handprints craft

5. Artistic Explorers: Mother’s Day Handprint Craft For Preschoolers - Mega Set of 20 Designs Template

Calling all preschool Picassos to the art table! This mega set is a treasure trove of creativity with 20 different designs. From handprint flower to animals, the possibilities are endless. It’s like a craft buffet—pick what you love, slap on some paint, and create an array of designs that will be the talk of the town (or at least the talk of mom’s heart).

Why We Adore Handprint Crafts

  • Personal Touch: Every handprint is like a high-five from the past. Personal, precious, and pleasantly painty!
  • Giggles Guaranteed: There’s something hilariously heartwarming about watching a toddler dip their hands in paint and make art.
  • Educational Fun: It’s a color workshop, a motor skills marathon, and a creativity carnival all rolled into one!
  • Safe and Sound: With non-toxic paints and washable materials, these crafts are safe for kids from 0 to 100 years old (because let’s be honest, we’re all kids at heart).
  • Crafting the Perfect Gift

Here’s how to make those painty presents even more special:

  1. Mix It Up: Use different colors for each handprint. Rainbow hands, anyone?
  2. Glitter It On: A little glitter never hurt anybody. Sprinkle some sparkle for that extra wow factor.
  3. Add Accents: Use markers or stickers to add eyes, antennae, or stems to turn those prints into critters or flowers.
  4. Frame It: Nothing says “masterpiece” like a good frame. Frame those prints for a gift that keeps on giving.




So, this Mother’s Day, let’s get messy, let’s get artsy, and let’s make some memories that are literally hands-on! Whether it’s for mom, grandma, or that special motherly figure in your life, these handprint crafts are sure to spread some joy and capture some moments in the most colorful way possible. Paints up, smiles on—let’s do this! 🎨👩‍🎨🖐️🌸

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